This is just rainy-day blogging.#

blog like there's nobody reading: Presented without comment.#

Teknoids NoteBlog: A pure linkblog.#

betsy/io: A different layout for a linkblog. How does she do that?#

10x14s @KenSmith: A great personal linkblog.#

I write longer form pieces over at my blog #

Background images: I alternate by days from a monochrome background to a picture, usually from , a public domain image site. I don't like the stacked-image look of a picture every day. (if you scroll down to April 16, you'll see stacked images.)#

I started blogging in the '90's on my own html page and moved to Dave Winer's Radio Userland ($39.95 per year in January 2002?)

I have not been been diligent with preserving my online presence even though one of my early "mission statements" was "a record of my journey into senility".#


The Oldest Living Things in the World.#

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So it has come to this.